My name is Brandon Mullins, I have been training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu since 1999. I am a 3x world champion (2010,2011 black belt no-gi adult, 2014 Masters Worlds gi), a European champion (2013 black belt gi adult), pan american champion (2009 black belt adult no gi) as well as a 2x US Open champion (2006,2010 brown and black belt adult gi) in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and have also competed seriously in wrestling and judo. I have trained in the USA, Brazil, and Japan and  I have been teaching full time since 2004 as well as taught seminars both nationally and internationally. I created this blog to share my experience, ideas, and training methods about Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I am also the owner and operator of http://www.justgipants.com, a business that supplies top-quality replacement gi pants to athletes around the world.