Goals, points, and rules

In order for us to be successful, we need to have a clear understanding of what our objectives are, in the context of BJJ this means we have to understand the overall goal, the points, and the rules. These three things will be the topic of this post. I would like to say that this […]

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  Learning new techniques and perfecting them is a process, usually a frustrating one, but as long as you are persistent then you will end up with a strong technique that you can count on. The first part is actually learning the mechanics of the technique. Once you understand how and when to apply the […]


General vs. Specific

Most people just show up to class and train, you can get good that way but it’s probably the slowest way to do it. If you have had previous experience with other sports then you quickly realize that when you played those sports there was more to practice than just playing a full game. For […]

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Gi vs. No-gi

Many people struggle with the process of transferring their gi skills to a no-gi environment, most people prefer to specialize in one or the other. Personally, I always wanted to have a style of jiu-jitsu that was effective in all settings so I spent time thinking about which techniques and strategies were applicable in both […]

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